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***Week 6*** Cleveland at Pittsburgh -3 (50)

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  • Browns banged-up with 10 on the injury list compared to only 2 for Pittsburgh.  CLE with 4 players OUT including 2 safeties.  The Browns have been poor in the secondary so they will struggle.


  • Alejandro Villanueva hasn't allowed any sacks over the first four games of the season.  Myles Garrett lines up over him in base and the Steelers have said they have game planned for Myles so Villanueva's streak 'may' continue.
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1 minute ago, JoeSteeler said:

Like now

Could be.  Juju looks like a great number 2, not really a number 1, and D. Johnson can't stay on the field, so Claypool could easily be the guy here going forward.

Just now, Marmalade said:

Running for his life with only a 4 man rush by Pitt.   Shameful O line play by Cleveland.

True, but Mayfield just doesn't make good decisions under pressure.  See: his last throw.

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Just now, fred_1_15301 said:

Damn I wish I could watch this game.  Forced to watch the boring Ravens game.  I miss the days of being able to walk down the street to the sports bar.  :sigh:

I really think the NFL is missing out on a lot of revenue by not having games available to steam live or on a slight delay. 

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Offensive line for Cleveland needs a lot of help.

Chubb out on offense is such a horrible loss for Cleveland.

Pittsburgh pinning their ears back on Defense is going to compound the Browns woes.

Positive for Cleveland if any is the lengths still needed to be at the level of Pitt and Baltimore.    Long way to go.

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