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***Week 6*** LAR at SF +2.5 (51)

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4 minutes ago, Joe Summer said:

I vote for the onside kick. With only 1 timeout left, the risk is worth it.

It's insane that teams every kick it deep in these scenarios. 

The only reason teams don't kick an onside kick every kickoff throughout the entire game is because it gives the other team good field position and puts them near scoring range if you miss it.  But late in the game when the other team scoring is irrelevant because the 20 yards required to get into FG range would run the clock to zero regardless of where they are on the field it's almost a no-lose proposition.  The only thing you lose is ~20 yards of field position which is negligible next to a 12-15% chance to get the ball back without having to play defense or run any clock.

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2 minutes ago, VikingFrog said:

Is he the hot waiver add this week. Or am I a bit hasty in my thought process to anoint him next week’s starter?

It's hard to say with Shanahan and what Mostert's recovery time looks like. There's hardly anything of substance unrostered in my league. I honestly thought Hasty was already rostered but was just surprised to see that he's not. I'll be putting in a claim. 

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26 minutes ago, Pip's Invitation said:

Are we sure that's still the odds with the new onside kick rules? 

It was even higher than that before the rule change (21.6%).  I was attempting to already account for post-rule change.

The success rate was 12.7% last year and has been higher this year.

It was really bad the first year after the rule change (6%) but has started coming back up fairly quickly as coaches have started finding new ways to approach onside kicks.

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