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Giants vs Eagles - TNF - Week 7

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I want to see a challenge of when the challenge flag came out

this thread is the nfc east of game threads



 I am streaming the NYG defense this week in several spots............ but the "return" of a Philly WR or two makes me doubt it.


The wires are barren in our leagues.

  I'm actually in a position to watch the game and that isn't always the case on Thursdays.

I don't have any skill position players going so that blows, but I *MAY* wind up starting the NYG defense in a spot or two, so I will have something to sweat a little I guess.


Hopefully it will be a good game at least.



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1 minute ago, Silverstreak said:

Putting DJax into my flex tonight over MWilliams LAC...just got a hunch 

I hope you're right. That's where I've got him as well. Starting the Giants D because that's all that's out there in my league but not expecting much from them. I think Philly rolls tonight. 

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I'm Starting to Eagles D because well Giants can't get any offense without Barkley and our DBs have been a lot better lately. Only because out of the D's to stream this week PHI has the best Match up and usually comes to play on Thurs. I got Ravens D but on a bye. Put Fulgham in there as my flex tonight and took JuJu out of the line up with Keenan Allen have a good match up this week and I got Hill. 

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3 minutes ago, abbottjamesr said:

Does anyone know if Goedert is playing tonight?

Fantasy Pros says on track to return 'Week 10' so I'm guessing that's a negative

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Giants D is legit, going to be interesting how the coverage on Deseasn Jackson will look, I assume they have Bradberry on Fulgham and play high/low on Jackson. Giants pass rush has to stay disciplined because Wentz is going to look to run every chance he gets.

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13 minutes ago, Houston turmOiler said:

Feel like I've said this a long time ago, but this is Evan Engram's last shot on my roster.... I think... 😬

The Eagles have been horrid at covering TEs. If he can’t get it done tonight, he’s not gonna get it done.

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Just now, Long Ball Larry said:

Fog bowl 2.0

Was about to say folks that's not fireworks smoke thats fog 100% humidity in Philly all day 

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