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Giants vs Eagles - TNF - Week 7

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Boston Scott made the tough catch that Evan Engram couldn't make. The ball was slightly long but Engram didn't have full extension.


I hope Gano can kick, he's definitely working on his quad.

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I want to see a challenge of when the challenge flag came out

this thread is the nfc east of game threads


1 minute ago, Insein said:

Got to NFC East it up. 

BTW Eagles lose this on a 64 yard fg.

Gano has a bum leg apparently 

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Just now, fred_1_15301 said:

Why not the "fly eagles fly" song after the TD (as opposed to after the missed 2 pt conversion)?   Same thing happened last week lol

not enough time.  Usually its after an easy extra point, missing all these 2 point conversions is killing the fight-song

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1 minute ago, Deamon said:

lol he's our only top 7 OLineman left standing.

This guy is clearly trying to troll me right now after the whole thing in the McCarthy thread. I musti've hit a nerve with him. 

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Daniel Jones Sacked and gives up the ball to give Phily the win. Most NFC East Way to lose a game, BG with the SB type Strip sack 

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