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2020-21 NBA *Playoffs* Thread: Bucks are the champs and you can take that to the bank bromigos


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2 hours ago, thecatch said:

I wonder if they are just saying that now to make it seem as though they weren’t tampering. 

See below.

52 minutes ago, Juxtatarot said:

Or another team stepped up and made a much larger offer?

39 minutes ago, Ramblin Wreck said:

Does the NBA still announce the pick with the team that owned it 6 weeks ago or are they out of the 1900's and announce it with the team that owns the pick now?

Yup.  So, so stupid...and it makes the ESPN broadcast all but unwatchable.  I end up watching the draft on-line (Yahoo or similar show).  When the pick is announced on Twitter by Shams or whoever they immediately start discussing it AND they list the real teams on the draft board, etc.  Cuts out the nonsense and completely worthless player interviews.

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I'm interested to see where Aaron Neismith goes. Really believe he can be a huge complimentary asset very quickly in the league in the right situation. Highly variable where he'll go in the draft because you're not looking at a likely star. I've seen him mocked anywhere from 10 to mid-late 20s. His ability to score off the ball and screens IMO will fit very very well in the league. 



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1 hour ago, Craig_MiamiFL said:

Yeah I'd say that's a given.

They can always deal a 1st for a future one. 

They can draft/stash guy overseas.

A lot of options. If/when they hit in the draft on a star or two.......that's probably when you'll see them making moves to win. 

LOVE that they just keep spinning guys for guys with WORSE VALUE/CONTRACTS and getting picks attached :lol: 

I can't wait for them to trade 13 first round picks for a guy like Trae Young

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complimenting Ball for "dominating" in 12 games in the... whatever... league and praising him for averaging a near triple double.... when Westbrook is seen a selfish, over-rated, piece of trash for actually averaging a triple double in the NBA is ..... interesting.

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Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn

The Timberwolves remain on the phones discussing possible trade scenarios with the No. 1 overall pick, sources tell ESPN. Gersson Rosas' plan had always been to take this down to the wire and that's what's happening now.

7:01 PM · Nov 18, 2020

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5 hours ago, SayWhat? said:

I’m 100% on board with Halliburton.  My favorite player in this class.  He’ll be a solid 10+ year floor general that actually plays some D as well.

another solid player with a history involving scanny damn straight take that to the bank brohans 

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6 minutes ago, Sudoku_in_the_Bathtub said:

Classic Charlotte. Westbrook + Horford :thumbup: 

I can see MJ moving Batum for someone that'll contribute.....well, anything. Westbrook gets his wish for a few more years of high usage.

Not sure this current iteration in Charlotte has quite that big of a star, but they just really need to avoid locking into another bad long term contract. A lot of flexibility after upcoming year.

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From Vin fosh nba who I’m still not convinced knows anything


The Philadelphia 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder are discussing a second draft day trade. 

76ers Receive:
- Kelly Oubre Jr
- Steven Adams

Thunder Receive:
- Tobias Harris
- Mike Scott
- Zhaire Smith
- #21 Overall

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12 hours ago, Juxtatarot said:

Karnisovas has said he wants a high upside pick.  Williams makes sense.  I have no idea if Williams will put it all together but I understand the reasoning.   I think I'd pick Okongwu though.  

Okongwu apparently has a foot issue. I'm hoping GS picked Wiesman and is giving him to us for the #4 and WCJR. I think WCJR is what he is and always hurt and not the rim protector who we though. Plus I think Gafford might be a sneaky good player 

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Just now, modogg said:

Chris Webber has himself an intertesting room to Zoom from. Looks like an attic that is like 10' by 7'. Door looks like it is 5 foot, and all decked out in purple

Looks like Grandma's pictures as well...it's like what his parents did to his room after he moved out...

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1 hour ago, Long Ball Larry said:

Morey has a 5 year deal.  I assume doc is the same.

the draft pick is an interesting one:

Rich Hofmann




Pick protections going from the Sixers to OKC in the Al Horford-Danny Green trade, per source: —

2025: Protected 1-6 — If that doesn't convey,

2026 and 2027 are protected 1-4 — If nothing conveys (and we do the Process all over again, I guess),

becomes a 2027 second-round pick

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  • Capella changed the title to 2020-21 NBA *Playoffs* Thread: Bucks are the champs and you can take that to the bank bromigos

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