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So we have reached the mid-way point of the season. Lots of time to make up ground. Pips remains the leader with some shuffling around behind him.

Week 8 post

Pips Invitation +158

Quizguy66 +149

deamon +144

J Rod +140

ffmail4me +134

32 Counter Pass +132

bro1ncos +125

frigid5 +123

cdwood +121

Real Reactions +118

Needanap +117

Heckmanm +110

Ardbeg4ever +108

I Rok +103

Hot Sauce Guy +99

RiffRaff +90

Obie Wan +89

dabudman +83

Gally +78

Neil Beaufort Zod +73

dcham77 +73

The Scorpion +70

Faust +66

Caesar +63

Rubi +63

IHeartFF +53

Gottabesweet +39

Dope +27

jtp1982 +11

Oz +10

Boulder Bob +9

Maggot Brain +7

Kutta +3

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Used Offenses = Dallas, Kansas City, Seattle, LA Rams, Arizona, Minnesota, Buffalo, Phi

Used Defenses = Indy, Green Bay, Philadelphia, Denver, Seattle, New England, Buffalo, KC


Week  9 offense = Washington

Week 9 defense = Pittsburgh

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Weeks #1-8:

Offence:  KC, DAL, SEA, GB, BAL, DET, BUF, TEN

Defence:  BUF, PIT, IND, BAL, LAR, NE, PHI, KC

Week #9:

Offence:  Houston Texans

Defence:  Washington Football Team


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Let's try again - turns out there is an error on the site I look at for o/u and that made me freak out.






Wk 9:

Off: Egads Um Houston I guess

Def: The hated Pittsburgh Steelers


additonal note - if Houston/Jacksonville gets postponed out of week 9, please replace Houston with the hated Pittsburgh Steelers.  Thanks.


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Used off: Pitt, Dall, Az, Balt, NO, Minn, Buffalo,KC

Used Def: Buff, Az, LAC, LAR, Houston, Mia, NO,Philly


Week 9

Off: LAC

Def: Football Team in Washington DC  

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On 11/5/2020 at 7:43 PM, Neil Beaufort Zod said:

I'll post the full pick later, but I wanted to get in Green Day D now. 

Week 9 D: Green Bay

Used O: Ind (20)     Dal (40)     Phi (23)     Bal (31)     Sea (27)             Min (23)   Cle (37)     LV (16)

Used D: Phi (27)     Pit (21)     TB (10)     Bal (17)     LA Rams (10)     NE (18)   Buf (10)      LAC (31)

Total: +73


Week 9: O -- Pittsburgh  D -- Green Bay


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