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*Arizona(6-3) at Seattle(6-3) -3 (57)* TNF= Tremendous Match Up

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Ya that’s what I love about him.  And he doesn’t pout.  He doesn’t ask to get taken out like, you know, happens very occasionally for a young wr but not metcalf. the other day I was about to hit

Wow Arizona really getting discombobulated by the fake crowd noise.

Qb eagles

Just now, travdogg said:

100% waste of a challenge. Hyde clearly recovered and was down by contact. 

Yeah I don’t think the coaches get the multiple replays like we do before seattle would have snapped the next play but what do I know :shrug: 

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1 minute ago, barackdhouse said:

Imma be preemptive about this. If Cards score a TD here does Kingsbury go for 2?

If they keep running their prevent offense through Larry Fitzgerald, ain't going to be no option. 

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6 hours ago, ATB said:

Personally, I think there will be a return to the run-first identity for the Seahawks tonight. They get back Hyde who has shown more than capable when healthy. The Seahawks can't stop anything on defense, so I think their offensive strategy will be to run clock and control the ball. They'll let Cards take long shots and take chances by airing it out while they pound the rock and give them limited possessions. 

I think it'll be lower scoring because of that too. But I like Hyde tonight. 


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9 minutes ago, barackdhouse said:

No no I said preemptive. 

But you forgot the New Yorker umlaut over the preëmptive, missing the opportunity for the flair of the dramatic and those *wink wink* in the know. 

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