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Kelce trade for playoff run?


I have a trade to consider and looking for feedback.  James Conner/Tyler Boyd/Austin Hooper for Savon Ahmed/Travis Kelce (and picking up Cam Akers OR Michael Pittman off of waivers).  Thanks for taking time to provide feedback.  I'm already playoff bound and looking to shore up my roster for weeks 14-16.    My league is non-ppr and 6 points for all TDs; start two RBs/WRs + one flex.   My roster is as follows:

Russell Wilson, Nick Chubb, James Conner, Christian McCaffrey, Miles Gaskin, Leonard Fournette, , Jamaal Williams, Tyreek Hill, Allen Robinson, Tyler Boyd, Jalen Reagor, Austin Hooper, Colts D, Saints, D, Will Lutz

Thanks for the feedback!

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2 hours ago, dello131 said:

Thanks Poye.  They just countered back wanting to add Fournette instead of Hooper as part of the deal.  I think it's overpaying....how about you?

If Kelce is that one piece that will strengthen you for a title run, don't be worried about a slight overpay (I do not believe the price you are paying is an overpay).

Fournette is in some sort of RBBC with Jones, so Fournette's value isn't that easy to determine.

What the main issue is, are you comfortable with your RB and WR depth after the trade is completed.

Kelce is an advantage to own because he is easily the top TE, and his asking price can be very high. In a lot of leagues, Kelce owners ask for at least a STUD WR or RB in return. You are not giving away a STUD player, so you are not over paying. 

If you really want something, you need to give up something to get it.

Hope this helps.

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I don't like the trade. Leaves you no depth at RB. Gaskins is hurt and there is no telling what will happen with CMC. LF is in a RBBC. I would rather stream a TE and be strong at RB.  I would trade CMC at this point and dangle him coming back. 

Please see my post:


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