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Stocking Stuffers for Adults

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Our family typically goes to a Dollar Store to find misc Stuffers each year. 
Some ideas might be:

Lint Roller  (the one w masking tape)
Extra phone charger cable
Car freshener
Car tire cleaner
Gummy Bears, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, Beef Jerky, Choc covered almonds, etc......(go to a Whole Foods type place where you fill your own bag w/ granola, choc, nuts, etc)

(as a joke, one year my daughters bought a $1 drug test or a hemroid cream in the dollar store for their uncle)

Another good place to get stuffers is TJ Maxx or Ross or a store like that.  They have all kinds of different international / gourmet snacks.  Personally, I like the Stroop Waffles, or the Virginia Gourmet Peanuts, or Choc covered espresso beans  

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8 hours ago, Nigel said:

phone charger w long cord, can never have too many 

I gave out 3-in-1 cables with Lightning, USB C and Micro USB interfaces a couple of years ago and people liked them.

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2 hours ago, TheFanatic said:

Lottery tickets and candy is about all I have. My wife and I don't drink so I need things  others than booze. 

for women: bath bombs and smell good sprays. lotions and soaps. hair scrunchies and special beauty products, like makeup brushes, makeup remover pads, gift cards to MAC or Ultra makeups places. 

scarves, beanies, gloves.

gift certificate for a mani/pedi or a spa day.


new phone chargers, screen protectors, dashboard mount charger.

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On 11/24/2020 at 4:57 PM, Eephus said:

Kershaw Cinder is a bit bigger but more practical IMO

That looks pretty good. Might make for a convenient blade to open up all the Amazon shipments I have lying around.

Actually looks a little small. I might opt for something bigger but great idea.

Anybody recommend any of the other Kershaw knifes that are a little bigger? Looks to be a ton of options.

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