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Deshaun Watson for Barkley in Dynasty???


Dynasty--1 point ppr. I have Barkley sitting on my IR and was offered Deshaun Watson for him.  I have Goff and Teddy Bridgewater so Watson is an upgrade. I am currently in first place and have strong RBs and WRs but obviously weak QB.  


I would have accepted this if it were Mahomes but something about Watson makes me question his long term stud trajectory.  I feel pretty sure Barkley comes back and returns to being a top RB but there is risk there.  


Accept or Reject?

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4 hours ago, Gally said:

Is this is a 1 QB league?  How difficult is it to get QB's?  I think Goff and Bridgewater are a nice pair for matchups so I don't think you are in dire straits at QB. 

It is a 1 QB league. I tried to trade Barkley for Mahomes and Murray without success so I guess it is hard to get the top QBs but it isn't hard to get middling QBs. I have one though in Goff.  If I do nothing I still probably have a 40-50% chance of winning trophy and I could use a pick next year on a rookie QB for future. 

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