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MFFL decision on Ravens and Steelers week 12?

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Has anyone heard what "MFFL"  plans on doing with the week 12  Corona Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers game counting towards week 12?  I know Ravens vs Cowboys game week 13 has already been moved to Monday Dec. 7th so there is that too. 

Any thoughts?  I had to drop Mattison to pick up  Trubisky because have both Big Ben and Lamar Jackson in my league of record.  I now have till Sunday night to decide to put Trubisky in or risk leaving Big Ben in. The risk is the game being postponed again to week 18.  

I also picked up Edwards so ouch and ouch.



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Most fantasy sites consider any game game played on or before Tuesday as the current week.

Any game played on or after Wednesday as the following week

So IF Balt/Pitt is played Tuesday night it should count as week 12.

At least that's how the sites I am on are doing it.

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Guess decisions will have to be made on starting lineups if you don't do replacement players which one of my two leagues decided.

I not only have both  Lamar Jackson and Big Ben as my quarterbacks but picked up Gus Edwards. I mainly made that move to keep him out of other managers hands for this week and it backfired. 

I have running back pivots most likely Drake or Edmunds but my emergency QB is Trubisky and that is a tough pill to swallow.  I should know by last Sunday night though how things are looking for Tuesday. I'm leaning towards playing Drake and Trubisky but will continue to ponder and look at the situation. I'm 7-4 with the highest point total.  Don't ask. It's 2020 and I'm not surprised.  I own the tie breaker with total points by a over 200 points so I'll most likely limp in the playoffs. I just need to keep my point total up.  I had a decent start to the week Thursday with WFT DST and Mclaurin so playing it safe its most likely the play.  I just hate to lose. I'll keep Ben and Edwards in for as long as possible.


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