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*Las Vegas at Atlanta +3 (53)* Start your Raiders

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1 hour ago, Ministry of Pain said:

Carr hasn't been explosive on the road but you gotta think the Raiders are going to open it up today, JJ should be pretty awesome as well today. 

Who is starting for Atlanta at RB and the 3 WR slots? I haven't seen the inactive list just yet, all help appreciated. 


Carr is not good. 

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1 minute ago, TwinTurbo said:

1 Yard Run

(9:53) B.Hill right end to LV 20 for 1 yard. BRIAN HILL SUCKS.

ba ba ba butt but VOLUME


I’ve been living a charmed life. Caught a bunch of good games from my satellite carousel (Edmonds, Hines, McKissic, and yes even one start from Lactavious)

I was overdue to whiff one


s/b OK, one dud won’t kill ya

Hell I put up 150+ one week with two zeros in my lineup (late scratch for Julio when I was away from my phone and a big fat zero in 43 routes from Scotty ####### Miller)

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1 minute ago, TwinTurbo said:

This is why I don't gamble on sports. You would go crazy with games like this. It makes no sense. Any random QB that played the Falcons this season has lit them up, even Drew Lock. 

Qs v 10s and you draw trips on the river?

####### mother####ing ########## ####hole game anyways 


same same amiright 

- non-gambler who never cusses, swears or takes the Lords name in vain

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24 minutes ago, Zigg said:

Not a gambling man, but I’d be betting the Raiders on the money line right now if I were. 

Falcons out of timeouts with 2 minutes to go in the third quarter. Wonder if that comes back to haunt them 

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That thread title is looming right now, eh?

Holy McWow did the Raiders bleep the bed today. 6-5 and still in Playoff talk but just a disaster right now. If they lost 41-35 and just couldn't quite get it done but to lose in this fashion is just embarrassing and another team that os going almost nowhere even if they do eek into the Playoffs in 2020. 

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