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Yahoo 10 Team ROTO Basketball 9 CAT - $200 & $300 Buy-Ins

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I have a few Yahoo 10 team ROTO 9 CAT Fantasy Basketball leagues I am running. Standard snake drafts. All leagues are set-up exactly the same they just have different buy-ins. Looking for some highly competitive managers to join these leagues that will play all year round. These leagues will only be 10 team leagues. My leagues are on a first come first serve basis. The leagues are set-up to allow 18 teams in the league but only the first 10 teams to pay will be in the league. These leagues should fill quick as all of them are in at least their 7th year with a strong base of returning managers that usually play in more than one of my leagues. If you are interested in a league email me at gfriley@aol.com and I'll send you the commish's note for that league. If you are still interested after that I will send you an invite to the league. These leagues will payout top 3 finishers at the end of the year. League fees will be held through Leaguesafe.com.

COVID RULES - Since the playoff bubble went so well I would assume the NBA will be able to get through a full season with no problem but this is COVID we are talking about. If for some reason the NBA season is shutdown early we will do averages for all categories to determine the top 3 teams. We will make the cutoff at 70% of the games need to be played. If they do not play 70% of the games all money will be returned and we will have no winners

$200 ROTO League - (Draft time Sunday December 20th at 6:00 pm EST) - (3 PAID TEAMS - 7 OPEN SPOTS) - currently 9 teams in the league

$200 ROTO League II - (Draft time Monday December 21st at 9:00 pm EST) - (5 PAID TEAMS - 5 OPEN SPOTS) - currently 11 teams in the league

$300 NBA Roto I - (Draft time Sunday December 20th at 8:00 pm EST) - (8 PAID TEAMS - 2 OPEN SPOTS) - currently 10 teams in the league

Roster Positions: PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Util, Util, BN, BN, BN, IL, IL

Players Stat Categories: Field Goal Percentage (FG%), Free Throw Percentage (FT%), 3-point Shots Made (3PTM), Points Scored (PTS), Total Rebounds (REB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK), Turnovers (TO)

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