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Too many RBs



Hi all,

I am trying to open a spot to get another WR or TD.  Right now I have 7 spots tied up and can;t use them all.  Which should I drop?

A Jones (not dropping LOL)

Raheem Mostert

G Bernard


J Conner

JK Dobbins

Cam Akers

I am tempted to drop both CIN RBs since Bernard doesn't seem up to the job and I am beginning to doubt Mixon will return and play a significant role even if he does. 

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10 minutes ago, Rubi said:

This week Mixon

Next week maybe Gio

Would a new WR be better than either of them?

I don't know.  I only have 3 WRs and I doubt I can find one better than AJ Brown, McLaurin and Coutee.  But I wouldn't mind being able to stream a different TD this week and not lose the Steelers to waivers. 

Kinda wonder if Mixon is coming back and will kick myself if he plays last two weeks and does well and I dumped him.


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14 minutes ago, DocHolliday said:

Drop Mixon.  

Thanks.  Probably will after this week.  Too late to get the 49ers TD which I wanted.  Grabbed while I dithered.  Seems this system suggests I start Bernard over Mostert or Dobbins.  Heck ESPN thinks Bernard is better than Conner this week.  I know opponent matters but Bernard hasn't done much lately.


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