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Guessing there is no other thread then. . . . 

First, I'm an Android user all the way, phones and tablets.  Samsung pretty much exclusively too though I would consider other makes with an Android OS if Samsung just doesn't have what I want.  

I've had a wonderful Samsung tab for years and years now, a Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2" with 32GB.  I don't use it for work much, mostly just websurfing and a few apps.  (It's not connected to a mobile plan either; I just use WiFi.)   It's one of the best devices I've ever owned.  

Recently, though, the battery won't hold a charge.  It looks like I can try to get a new battery and pop the back off to replace the old one.  I imagine I can also reset Chrome (which might be causing the drain).  Either of these steps will probably wipe out my browser history, right?  

As for getting a new one, it doesn't seem like 12.2 was a popular size; almost all Samsungs now seem to be way bigger (which I don't need) or 10" or less (which is too small).  

Anyone have any good advice here, either about the repair or getting a good replacement?  TIA.  

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My favorite site for electronics reviews is Tom's hardware and their top rated Android laptop is a Tab with an 11.4" screen. This was reviewed 2 months ago so it is probably what you are looking for.

The only other alternatives would be an ipad or a Surface if you want a higher end tablet.



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I've had an iPad and an older Samsung Tab. Didn't really notice a difference in either, but the Samsung seems to have died sooner. Stuck in between going the Surface/iPad route or trying to find a cheaper tablet again. My 7 year old Macbook Air is also on its last legs, but unsure how much I really need two different devices.

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