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*****Steelers v. Bengals MNF-What do You Need****

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Finished up 152-151.  Can't believe it.  

Alcohol sales stop at 10pm so I’ll be spending most of the 2nd quarter at the concourse stocking up on beer. 

@colin_dunlap: Don’t lose sight of the fact at how terrible of a playcall the JuJu pass was.

Just now, hammerva said:

Steelers playing like a team who doesn't think they are playing for anything.     Lazy doesn't even ####### describe it


They've been playing like this since the 2nd half of the Washington game.  Bizarre how they've completely quit.  Either that or they're just not any good.  I think it's a little of both.

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Lol. Looking good Steelers. Maybe they should have tired to establish a run game earlier in the season and not cater to Big Ben’s telegraphed garbage short passing game. 

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month and they have made no adjustments. They deserve to lose to the Bungles. This team will be an easy out in the playoffs.

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Man, I could use a pick right here. My winning probability shot up to 15% this half. Ben now needs 75 yards and Claypool to get shut out. This is actually got me into the game. Fantasy football is crazy.

This is what I was typing as I got that pick. This is unreal. So you're sayin' there's still a chance...

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Just now, The Frankman said:

Pittsburgh is so effing legit shook right now.


Just now, Mr. Brownstone said:

Roethlisberger is terrible tonight.

No kidding. Showing the conference maybe they're not the second best team. 

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This game would take away our buffer to get Sewell and hell might save Zac's job but I don't care I am loving this game and watching the Steelers come apart.  I doubt it lasts but this is glorious to see.  And yes I am 1000000% stunned.


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Wow, Ben and the Steelers looks horrendous and, well, like the Bengals have looked this year.

This might get ugly in a lot of different ways, not least of all for PIT to be able to stage a comeback. They are absolutely reeling.

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