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*** Vikings vs Saints Christmas Day ****

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3 minutes ago, IHEARTFF said:

Perhaps Hill is better than broken Brees

IMHO that was Sanders’ fault ... but still. Problem is the Saints are built to win now and can’t afford to wait on Hill to develop.

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3 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

I'm sure people will say you cant give it to AK every time, or that you have to change it up.

But when you allow taysom hill to run the ball instead of kamara, I dont know what to tell ya. 

Let AK run the wildcat. I just think you have to make the more talented player touch it way more then AK does. 

This isnt about points for fantasy, its about letting the best player touch the ball way more. 

Can't give the ball to AK every time. That's all that is. There he was for your fourth TD. 

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Just now, Razors Edge said:

Hopefully he carries me to 15-0. 😉

Kamara is the #1 overall pick in all of fantasy next year. 

Not if Brees retires. Sorry to correct you, but that's likely true. Cook is #1 if that happens. 

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1 minute ago, Razors Edge said:

They were just talking about how he has only 4 100 yard games in his career and that he avg 11 carries a game.

Thats not about me, and its not about him even getting it every time, so you cant say that anyways. The point is, he needs way more touches for how great he is. 

Imagine if this dude got 25 touches a game

Obviously you've figured it out more than Payton, who probably gets him 18-22 a game, which is a lot. 

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1 minute ago, Razors Edge said:

I mean you know thay have verification of these things called stats, right?

He literally has 16 touches a game

181 carries and 83 catches through this game, 16 games.

The math on thats turns out 263 divided by 16 games equals what? 

No worries I did it for you with a calculator and its 16.4


Except, fine sir, that it's fourteen games so far. And fifteen isn't over yet. Which makes it 18.78. Accounting for Taysom Hill, how many does he have when Brees plays QB. 

Look, you're a miserable guy. Don't take it out on me. I saw you even with an innocent guy last night. You're really caustic and not my trip. How about you never comment on what I'm saying again. 


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