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It’s definitely not going to affect ARod.  The only way the winds would really affect this game is they were diagonal (cross field).  Both teams have strong running games and someone will always have the wind.  

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47 minutes ago, Chicago Hooligan said:

I already benched Davis for Emmanuel Sanders.

Also benching Tannehill for Jalen Hurts but I expect Tannehill to have a decent game.

I have hurtz as well and right now I have RT in. We have QB% included in the points and that is what keeps RT in the mix. The snow could actually help his rushing as well. I will probably stick with him. Five games in a row over 28 points. BUT, I still have until 4pm, to make the switch.

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2 hours ago, Twenty-Four Eighty-Four said:

Eek. I have Crowder and I'd be very excited to have Davis going, even with the weather. 

Yeah.  It's not ideal. I've ridden 3 Titans all year. Obviously keeping Henry in. Davis and Tannehill are tougher plays in the wind.

Prob going Hurts over Tannehill,  but the Davis call is the tougher one.

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13 hours ago, FGITLOTR said:

The weather is calling for snow, 2-4 inches during the game and 16-17 MPH winds. I'm worried about both teams being able to throw it with any effectiveness. Anyone looking to pivot from this game?

I have Henry and Tannehill, he has a jones.  Obviously I'm not benching Henry. He shouldn't bench jones.

8 hours ago, tommyGunZ said:

I think us Tannehill owners have to consider benching him.  A windy snowstorm in GB is a recipe for disaster. 

Really wish I had started trubisky instead of Tannehill. But we'll see if that matters.

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1 hour ago, whole-show said:

Ughhh 🤦‍♂️ close game in the championship and he has Aj brown, Beasley and bass yet against my Henry and Corey Davis. Really considering going Jakobi Meyer instead of Davis. Sharks in GB is it going to be really bad? Or is it already? 

I wouldn't switch to Jacoby Meyer.  

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11 hours ago, Rodrigo Duterte said:

Great, a thread about weather turns into a omg I need this many points from earl campbell and my opponent has antonio freeman and the dumptruck and I'm behind by 22.79 points with .5 ppr and .1 for 2 yard catch-radius drops!!!


Agreed we want to keep the threads on topic and of use to everyone, not an individual team. We also want to be more cool to posters here. Thanks. 

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