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Buffalo Bills and Covid (Yeldon tested positive) what is NFL’s Covid game day protocol?


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Ok, I might be a little paranoid here, but I read that Bills RB T.J. Yeldon tested positive for Covid yesterday. I have Josh Allen going tonight and the nature of Covid tests being what they are is it worth picking up Matt Barkley just in case there is an incident similar to that of Dez Bryant a couple of weeks back when they league pulled him off the field at the last second? 

Does anyone know the NFL’s game day protocol in regards to Covid? Covid has clearly made its way into the Bills locker room within the last 24 hours...It’s not 100% that more Bills won’t test positive today....I’d be suicidal (not really) if I lost a title because Allen got pulled off the field at the last second. 

Again, I’m fully aware that this isn’t likely, but I’m not sure on game day NFL protocol.

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So John Brown was activated but then put on the Covid list. Nothing said about Allen.

There is some concern though in that they moved QB Davis Webb from the practice squad to the roster for tonight. I’m not sure or necessarily means anything, but it does seem that the odds of Allen playing the entire game just took a hit. No idea how much though.

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35 minutes ago, Saboo said:

Thanks for the information. Probably nothing, but it seems odd that they would activate Webb. 

Quick update: Webb inactive tonight. So no idea what the purpose was other than to possibly get Webb acclimated to a game day routine anticipating Allen may rest next week and Barkley may start with Webb being the backup/getting playing time.

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