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NFL.com $200 Fantasy Football Playoff League

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$200 buy-in Fantasy Football Playoff League on NFL.com. 

Total payout will be determined on total number of teams that enter but planning on top 4 places being paid out (1st = 50% -- 2nd = 30% -- 3rd = 15% - 4th = 5%). League rules are pretty simple - You pick a QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, and DEF each week. Each week you can keep the same players you picked (assuming their team advances) or pick new players for each position. If you keep players in your line-up that you picked from the previous week you earn multiplier bonus points. 2 weeks in your lineup gets you 2x the points that player earns, 3 weeks in your lineup gets you 3x the points that player earns, and 4 weeks in your lineup gets you 4x the points that player earns. So your goal is to find the players that will score the most points in the most consecutive weeks. Scoring is set-up like a typical standard league (not a PPR league). Here is the direct link to the NFL.com fantasy playoff page so you can see a full breakdown of the rules - https://playoffchallenge.fantasy.nfl.com/  (This is NOT the invite to my league)


5 PAID TEAMS - 10 TEAMS IN THE LEAGUE - more joining and paying soon


If you want an invite email me at gfriley@aol.com.  Also email me if you have any questions

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