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Official Game Thread***Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills (-6.5) 51.5***

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If I were buffalo, i would go up top to Diggs right away, try to distance yourself before the injury gets everyone thinking twice. 


Jonathan Taylor plays better in Indy.  You know...home improvement.   I’ll be going now.

Didn’t like that. Boettger just couldn’t get outside to the edge to make the block and the drive is killed. If you’re gonna run outside with Allen, need to have a receiving option too.

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1 minute ago, The Duff Man said:

Indy is all over the Allen runs. Go wide with no one up the middle that is one thing. When it is a run situation that is something else 

Allen is the game's leading rusher. 

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16 minutes ago, Grigs Allmoon said:

Dunno about that, but he will no doubt be down by 7 or 8 and get the ball back with 40 or so seconds left in the game.

I should add... He'll have 1 time-out, at best. 

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Please stop blitzing Milano!

To elaborate, he’s by far their best coverage linebacker and blitzing him is allowing Indy to hit the TEs.

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Indy snapping the ball under 5 seconds on the play clock every ball. That's how you ball control, they're not goign to allow Buffalo to speed up the game.

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Just now, Grigs Allmoon said:

Colts drops could end up being a story... Several costly ones already.

Taylor's drop on second down really did hurt them. 

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