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***Baltimore at Tennessee +3.5(54.5)***

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Just now, The_Man said:

So on that drive Lamar had an absurdly athletic third down conversion that no one will ever remember since there was no replay. Then the bomb to Hollywood. Then a TD pass his Pro Bowl TE can’t catch (for the second time today) 

And the narrative is Lamar needs to make that pass 

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Both teams deserve a lot of credit, easily the most intense 1st half we have seen so far in the Playoffs. 

Both teams WANT it, Both teams are going to BRING it, this is going to be. barnburner in the 2nd half and that doesn't mean there will be a lot of scoring. Hard hitting action on another level, both WELL COACHED football teams and showcasing why they are Playoff NFL teams. 

As an NFL fan I know I am watching top shelf here. 

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9 minutes ago, The_Man said:

Maybe the Ravens playoff narrative needs to be about Mark Andrews 

hang in there pal, i see this going down to the wire, this is top shelf all the way, nobody is waiving the white flag in this one. We might be looking at one of the teams representing in the AFCC and beyond, both have a Playoff resume, i understand Jackson is winless but his HC sure isn't. 

I want to see Vrabel and Harbaugh get into this deep in the 2nd half, we're talking intense high level moves coming. 

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The 1st Down Jackson keepers need to stop, that's not a good play call at this point. You gotta get the ball into the skill position players, let them stretch it out and then go back to Jackson. 

This isn't high level thinking, this is 101 or 202...make the Titans respect other folks besides Lamar Jackson. If they don't then punish them. 

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