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***Baltimore at Tennessee +3.5(54.5)***

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If you watched the other 3 Playoff games as they unfolded...c'mon this is the best by far and both teams should advance but only 1 can move forward....it looked like the better team won in Buffalo, in Los Angeles, In Tampa Bay...this game is too close to call and it looks like both of these teams should go far in the Playoffs. 

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1 minute ago, dmac37 said:

This should have been to late game, going to go down hill from here most likely

Yeah, really. The Saints game and Cleveland without a coach.

Let's see if Chicago can keep it close.

I feel awful for Cleveland. That would have been a tight one, maybe.

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Just now, Ministry of Pain said:

Say what now?

That was one of the all time Playoff best TDs by Jackson there, by land or by sea or by air didn't matter. 

The narrative allows for that. You can't control the narrative, MoP, you can only hope to contain cliches.

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1 minute ago, Desert_Power said:

I keep forgetting there is football tomorrow too


Tomorrow is basically a religion here.

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Just now, The General said:

Harbaugh winning the face covering game for sure.

Marylanders love their ####### flag. It’s an unhealthy relationship 

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