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***Cleveland at Pittsburgh -6 (47.5)*** The Headless Horsemen arrive for the nightcap

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“He doesn’t care about his body” Not impressive - my wife has said that about me for years

Seattle- “We’re the worst 12 win team ever”   Steelers- “Hold my Rolling Rock”

This is like in A Christmas Story where Ralphie all that pent up anger to beat the crap out of Scut Farcus.

Well either this is going to be a great win or is going to end up as one of the worst blown lead losses in history.

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1 minute ago, Desert_Power said:

I wonder what Lex Lumpkin thinks about this crazy 1st quarter.

Well, it’s going just like he thought it would with one team doing some things and the other team then doing some things.

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3 minutes ago, GroveDiesel said:

Think the Steelers regret sitting their starters last week and allowing the Browns into the playoffs?

No.  It was the right call last week.  Not being able to execute the offense and not being able to stop simple running plays this week is the problem.  Dropping passes doesn't help either.

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This game is far from over but if Indy could have knocked off Buffalo we could have seen another Baltimore Cleveland game.  Would been cool plus I rather not have to ever play KC.

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