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Arthur Smith is the son of Fed owner and extremely wealthy himself but he famously works harder than anyone and wears ripped t-shirts and....you'd never know it. It took Mike Mularkey years to realize.

He started under Gibbs in Washington. Titans had two (20 years plus) special teams coordinators that had been in the NFL forever. Lebeau, Mularkey, all these Belichick descendant types....he has a unique background for coaching too.

He's been a TE coach most and uses two and three TE sets. His O used two most of the time. Atlanta probably adds a few TEs.

He's so simple and straight-forward it's a joy to not have to listen to coach speak when he talks. 

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Dean Pees (rumored) is a 2x Super Bowl winning coach. When the Titans didn't have the best players, he found a way to get it done by allowing the players to do what they do best. This could also describe Smith's offense. 

Dave Ragone (assigned OC? rumored, probable) was ridiculously accurate in NFLE and preseason and never got too much of a chance in the NFL as a QB. He's been the Texans WR coach and moved his way up there. Each step showing improvement. Impressive young coach

Keith Carter(rumored, less likely) had an awful OL his first 6-7 games with TEN and we all wanted him gone. A light went on or somesuch and they bought in and he's been outstanding. Even the third and fourth string Gs and Ts have been able to contribute well.

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