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Official Game Thread***Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills -2.5 (49.5)***

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Figured I’d go ahead and get this going now.

Wind forecast seems to be really picking up. Consistent winds between 17-20 MPH during game time & gusts up to 33 MPH, getting strong as the game progresses 

I think a 15 mph wind helps the Bills because Allen can throw through that but Lamar can’t. Higher than that it begins to help the Ravens because even Allen’s throws get impacted and Buffalo obviously needs to throw more than Baltimore 

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Just now, IHEARTFF said:

Could be game of the weekend. Both of these teams are great. Baltimore matches up well here and might steal a very tough road win. 

I agree. I have Baltimore covering. I won't venture to hazard a guess about the over/under.

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Marcus Peters active for Baltimore 

Makes me laugh to hear analysts say a team is going to sell out to stop Baltimore’s run as if no other team has tried that 

I think this could be a Gus Edwards night. Ravens could try to outmuscle a Bills D that plays nickel like 90% of the time - nervous but also feel like Baltimore matches up well vs Buffalo. But need to rush 4 much more than usual, try to fool Allen with looks and unexpected rushers but don’t bring 5 or 6 men much 

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With so much attention being paid to the Bills right now and all the love, I’m hoping that Goodell is at the game tonight to make sure the refs follow through with making sure the Bills win (just kidding guys, hoping for a good clean well played game...mostly).

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If the Bills call plays like they did last week, trying to pamper their way through a playoff win, they're toast.

Let Josh fling that thing all over the place and they win.

The other way they blow it is if they get up and get conservative.

Young Coach showed serious nerves last week with the hottest team in the league and their offense stalled because of it; we'll see what this week brings.

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Just now, The_Man said:

Buffalo wins and defers

Lamar up first 

Wish they received. I know the analytics and reasoning, but Would love to see Buffalo put the offense in the field first, go score a TD, and try to work on trying to put Baltimore in a passing game script as early as possible.

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I think if Lamar read outside run quicker that's a TD. He broke it in first, then bounced that outside.

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