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***Cleveland at Kansas City -9.5 (57)*** Progressive vs State Farm

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1 minute ago, Deamon said:

Doesn't change much.  Just means Buffalo wins next week if Mahomes can't come back

Huh? A lot of people had KC winning the Super Bowl. The entire chalk picture changes now, which is what he's saying.

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34 minutes ago, Deamon said:

Was just coming to ask this.  I agree it's a stupid rule, but wondering what it should be.  Couple options (just brainstorming)

A:  Ball can't be advanced on one of these fumbles, Defense gets the ball at the 1 inch line.
B:  Ball is considered dead and stays with the offense on the 1 inch line.
C : Play does not count... goes back to redoing the down.
D : Some sort of weird touchback rule where the offense keeps the ball and it's backed up to the 20 yard line.
E:  You get 2 points and have to kick off the ball.

My mind went immediately to D if they were to change this, but I’d penalize it more. I’m ok with the offense keeping it, but send it back to the 50 so it’s out of FG range. At least you still have the ball, but you messed up big time. 

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