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Will the NFL go the way of the NBA with players having so much more power over the league?

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Personally, I hope not. I remember when an employer was allowed to make the majority of the money and decisions for the league they (or their forefathers created,) and that wasn’t an outrageously egregious crime. I know, get off my lawn. 

I don’t know if Watson is attempting a Lebron James like power move or if he’s just rightfully appalled by the Houston Texans but the media and former players sure seem to be singing those notes.


I think it will eventually but again, I’m just an boomer in my thinking and I think the world is coming to an end anyway...


So what say you? 

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It won't because the NBA is a different animal where you can not win without big time star/stars and the draft in that league compared to the NFL is just a different dynamic, you just don't build your team the same way...that being said the QB position is different from every other position and I can see some unique situations (like Watson) where a power move is made to move on...but even that seems different because it appears Watson simply wants out of a bad situation whereas many of the NBA stars are trying to get to a specific location to play with their AAU buddies or just want an easier path to a ring (i.e. they are not leaving train-wrecks like the Texans).

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I don't know, but Watson's situation is pretty unique. An Elmer Gantry has gotten Bob McNair's ear, and it doesn't seem like it's stopping any time soon. It sounds really bad, by all accounts. When Bill O'Brien gets fired and Jack Easterby helps control football operations, you're sunk, both as a player and a franchise.

Good for Deshaun for seeing the writing on that wall. As for the rest of it, no, I hope the NFL doesn't become like the NBA. It likely won't due to just the nature of the first contract and how rare the second contract is, but at QB, you might see it more. Heck, Elway and Eli Manning already saw it and pulled NBA moves on their drafting clubs. 

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32 minutes ago, Hu-Tang Clan said:

Maybe he'll return the money and rip up the deal.

If he could do so and become a free agent he probably would rip up the contact - it's not like he wouldn't get an equal or better contract on the market. 

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