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IT guys - looking for advice on message board host service

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Ok, here’s the quick deal:

Long time fantasy football league has had a message board for 17 years.   It was previously set up via a guy in our league who is an IT guy with his own consulting business.  Guy is leaving the league, and now we need to migrate our message board to a new host.

Any advice on which hosting services are best for a) fairly basic message board functionality, b) ensuring we can transfer over legacy content, c) keeping the total annual cost relatively low?

I’ve asked some IRL colleagues for suggestions, and they’ve shared ideas too....but I trust the collective wisdom of the FFA.

Appreciate any advice y’all can offer (including but not limited to “start hiding money now”).

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I can address A and C as there is another fantasy football site that will set up separate forums for private leagues - no cost, and you can password protect the individual forum if you so choose.

But you wouldn't be able to transfer legacy content as far as posts, etc. as far as I know.

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