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3 hours ago, Leroy Hoard said:

The whole snow thing is overblown. Just like people down south hire landscaping and lawn services, up north they combine that with snow plow services for the winter months. Costs money in both cases, but imo well worth it.

How does that work? In the South they are able to schedule the cuts and stagger them over a week.  Doesn't snow removal by nature require that every house be serviced on the same day after snowfall?

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1) Appetizers sold in uneven numbers. 2) Beers sold in glasses that "look" like pint glasses but are actually 12 fl. oz. 3) Kilometers. Honestly, anything metric. Except grams.  Grams are aw

Some of us geezers that grew up in the 1970s remember the big attempted push to the metric system back then. But our country was too simple-minded and ignorant to follow through with it.  

Everything should be measured with the metric system. Imperial is stupid.

7 minutes ago, Ron Swanson said:

How does that work? In the South they are able to schedule the cuts and stagger them over a week.  Doesn't snow removal by nature require that every house be serviced on the same day after snowfall?

Yes, lawns are on a schedule but snow is as soon as it starts to build. And they will start early to get everyone in. Obviously they can't overbook on clients.

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36 minutes ago, Hov34 said:

Auto Warranty spam calls.  JFC, stop.


I'm getting two a day at times. For other things, that would be more than enough. (Exercise, you name it...) For auto warranty calls, one is more than plenty. I hate those things.

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On 2/22/2021 at 1:53 PM, Cowboysfan8 said:

They announce on the radio when it storms here threatening fines, but I’ve not heard of anyone getting fined either 

I do know someone who was fined for cutting their grass and blew the clippings out on the street lol

Several years back we had a pretty big snow storm here and I was out clearing the walk. This was one of those heavy, wet 10-12 inches of snow type storm. For the most part, I had thrown all the snow into several piles in my yard, but I was exhausted and I just pushed the last couple shovel-fulls off the sidewalk edge into the street. Right at that exact moment, this huge snow plow was going by. I am not kidding you, this guy locked the tires up on that thing and climbed out of the cab to scream at me to not put my snow in the street. I can still picture this fat, SOB standing in the middle of the road yelling at me.I was an ### and did an "Okay buddy" type wave to him. 

Well karma is a you know what and I was about to find out that being a jerk to the snow plow guy has consequences. When I shovel, I usually start my cars to run them because of the cold. Right before I finished shoveling, I turned the cars off and in my haste to finish, I lost one of the sets of keys in the snow. So this is a problem because if someone would happen to come by and find these, not only could they drive off in one of my cars, they could walk in my front door. I spent the next week going through the melting snow looking for these keys. I mean I was the idiot with a leaf rake going through mounds of snow. Every night a different pile and being thankful for the melt, but at the same time scared, that, while I was at work during the day, someone would walk by and find them.Finally the snow was about 98% gone and I found them in the absolute last, little pile. 

A funny footnote, a week or so later I was getting the mail and my neighbor comes down and says, "Did you lose something in the snow? (yuck yuck) We were all laughing, watching you with the little hand rake going through the snow."  God, i wanted to go poop in that guy's yard, but I was really afraid what karma would visit on me for that act. 

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