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34 minutes ago, BladeRunner said:

Of course you called him a racist.  You literally posted it.  :shrug:

You accuse me of “constantly” calling him a racist. That’s false. Now that he’s made it official, I assume we’re all on the same page on this one. As stated, I credit him for his honesty, same as for Grothman on the house floor this week.  

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5 hours ago, the moops said:

He knew they loved their country, respected law enforcement and wouldn't break the law.

Seems like the opposite of what is reality

In case anyone has forgotten, the real hypocrisy is that he spent weeks arguing the false flag theory.  He stood on the congressional floor and stated his belief the insurrectionists were antifa and not Trump supporters.  Now, he claims he was never worried on 1/6 because he knew these were his people, the patriots. His monumental stupidity is matched only by his shameful, despicable character.


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1 hour ago, fatguyinalittlecoat said:

Do the Dems have anyone that can beat him in 2022?

I’m assuming he’s running even though I don’t think he’s announced and there have been a few surprise GOP retirements so it’s not a sure thing.

There are two declared candidates on the Democrat side - Alex Lasry is the son of the billionaire owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, a NY hedge fund guy.  He has almost no knowledge of Wisconsin, has not really ever lived here at all.  As far as I'm concerned, he's a complete charlatan.  The other guy - ? Nelson - is a long time state politician, don't know much about him.  There are several others from both parties sniffing around.  Whether a republican or democrat takes that seat in '22, it will be good news so long as its not Ron Johnson.


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Someone run.  Anyone.  run the mayor of Cheesecurdville.  can’t be worse.

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