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Dynasty Superflex Trade Advice


My QB's in my dynasty superflex are vomit inducing.  I have a chance to get Hurts, wondering what your thoughts are.  I'd give Kamara to get Hurts and a first round pick in the rookie draft. It is a 14 team league with .5 PPR.

My current roster:

QB:  Bridgewater, Jimmy G, Minshew, Fromm, Grier, Rosen, Rudolph

RB:  Kamara, Akers, Henderson, Robinson, Brown, Edmonds, Dillon

WR:  Godwin, Moore, Brown, Lamb, Davis, MVS, Washington, Meyers

TE:  Smith, Jarwin, Trautman, Schultz

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I would not give up Kamara and a first round pick for Hurts.  Depending on the draft Hurts may have significant competition (I don't think Philly is taking a QB but there is enough smoke out there in that direction that it would be in the back of my mind).


No way I give that much for Hurts.


ETA:  Oops......I reread the OP again and it's Kamara for Hurts and a 1st rounder.  Much closer but I still don't do it unless that 1st rounder is a top 3 pick where you can get a chance at a stud.  Moving Kamara will significantly hurt your RB depth so you would just be shifting your problem from QB to RB while not necessarily solving the QB problem. 

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I would not make this trade. Hurts is a sell-high guy right now and that's probably what the other owner is trying to do. There is no guarantees he has starting equity in 2021, let alone beyond. You're be taking on all that risk.

You should be looking for picks 1.02-1.04 in order to draft a QB (the hype might be too high in order to get 1.01). QBs are never cheaper than in the draft. Without knowing your starting requirements, your QB situation probably prevents you from being a strong contender so I would focus on getting that part of your roster fixed or you will stay in purgatory because chasing QBs is a hard place to be.

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I agree I would not make that deal. Hurts sample size is too small and there is no guarantee he starts the whole year. Like others have said,

 a top 3-4 pick makes it closer but not enough. Maybe you could look at a WR plus one of your QB's to upgrade your QB position?

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