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Post your 2021 BestBall redraft rosters here

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I've done 4 of these now. This particular format is the FFPC $35 satellite 12 team where 1st place is a $350 entry into the 2022 Football Guys Players Championship tournament ($500,000 for 1st place for those that aren't familiar). 28 man rosters start 10 QRRWWFFTDK

Tua, Jones, Mariota, Bridgewater
Swift, J Williams, Ettienne, Jefferson, Vaughn, Stevenson, K Hill, Mitchell
Diggs, Aiyuk, Juju, Chark, G Davis, Crowder, Slayton, Surratt
Henry, Jonnu, Everett

Jackson, Lawrence
Harris, J Williams, Mostert, Jefferson, Hubbard, K Hill, Rountree, Mitchell
Tyreek, Metcalf, Shenault, Ruggs, Pittman, Mooney, Hamler, Slayton, Unicorn, T Wallace, Surratt
Fant, Ebron

I'll post the others later


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Just saw this thread, same format as BDH outlined above, don't be misled by the QB's, it's not SF.


Brady, Ryan, Winston, Taysom

Chubb, Akers,  Montgomery, Jav Williams, AJ Dillon, Rhamondre

Julio, Claypool, Corey, Hilton, Van Jefferson, E Sanders, Amari Rodgers

Engram, Ebron, Everett, Trautman, Rudolph

3 D's and 3 K's


Dak, Wentz, Daniel Jones, Winston

Barkley, Mixon, Hunt, Mostert, Rhamondre, Josh Kelley, Gio, Kahlil Herbert

Michael Thomas, Julio, Antonio Brown,  Hilton, E Sanders, Josh Reynolds, Amari Rodgers

Henry, Pitts, Everett, Trautman

3 D's and 2 K's.


In my third one now, just moved up to using my $77 tickets.

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