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New Georgia phone call revealed: should Donald Trump be indicted for attempting to interfere in the 2020 Presidential election?

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2 hours ago, AAABatteries said:

I’ve kind of stopped coming to the PSF and threads like this are why.

1. Of course Trump was trying to overturn the election 

2. He did nothing criminal that I can tell but as usual he did something most would find immoral- <redacted statement about Trump so I don’t get a TO>

3. Of course WaPo is biased and ran an incorrect story - they should be held accountable (although I’m not sure it what way - I’m open to suggestions)

There are many parts of his but #3 is pretty big for the fourth estate.   The fact that CNN, NBC, PBS, USA Today, and ABC "independently confirmed" this balderdash is stunning.  The news outlets above refuse to ID this source.  Why?  If this source lied over and over they should absolutely be outed.  If not it just indicates complicity in this lie between this source and the fourth estate.  And they are refusing.  Par for the course.

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Sooner or later Trump will go down as one of the most notorious criminals in our country’s history.

CNN puts out a treat and they come running.    

The corrected story is just as slanted against Trump- because he did something wrong here. 

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