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Mass shooting in chicago

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11 minutes ago, parasaurolophus said:

I am talking about an actual specific crime that just happened. The media has largely ignored it, but where it has been covered it isnt being referred to as a hate crime. 

You yourself admitted that if two white guys burned a black guy it would probably be labeled that way by the media. 

I know the definition of a hate crime. The media obviously doesnt rely on the actual definition. (Except when it is black crime, then they wait for police coding)

Yeah, we are talking in circles a little bit.   I agree largely with this post.   This line of discussion started with somebody claiming that all crimes are hate crimes and are only committed by white.  That is what I was addressing, and was my mistake to do so and get sucked into that.  

Like I said, I am curious to see a further breakdown in stats (again, it could be on there and I just didn't look in the right spot).   The chart that I posted had by race of perpetrator, but I didn't see it broke down any farther.  IE - do the %s change at all for people committing a hate crime bases on race vs. based on sexual identity vs. religion?   Probably hard to parse some of that out, but I am just curious to see those stats if they do exist.  

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8 hours ago, Da Guru said:

Never understood the "carjackings"   I mean how long can you actually drive a car that has been jacked without getting caught? The people who do it are probably too stupid to actually steal a car the correct way but still.

:shrug:  They steal them just to joy-ride (and often crash) or to commit other crimes.  It's a weird/scary dynamic.

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