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Superflex- trading back from the 1.01?


12 Team / Full PPR - 2PPR TE Prem.  Start 1QB / 2RB / 3WR /1TE / 1 Flex / 1 SFlex/ K, DST 20 roster spots. Have Kyler/Herbert and the 1.01.  deep at WR - no studs but solid.  Have JT and Dobbins at RB. 
Thinking of trading back to 1.04 with something like:

GIVE: 1.01 / Chark / Cooks 

GET:  1.04 / Akers / 2.03 

1.04 is likely going to be Lance or Wilson. Is it crazy to trade back and give up T-Law?  

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If you plan to take a QB anyway with your top pick then yes it is crazy to trade back.  If you are planning to trade back to take a RB/WR then doing something like this is preferred.  I just don't think it makes sense to pass up on Johnny Lawrence (yes I know it's Trevor but I like the nickname better) if you are wanting a QB anyway.  

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2 ppr for TEs? With that scoring I'd probably trade down and target Pitts. Kelce & Waller were the most valuable players in your league last year, right? Settle for Fields or Wilson if someone snipes you on Pitts.

I'm not as high as consensus on Akers so I'd do the deal a little differently, but if you do like Akers then that seems reasonable.

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