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***OFFICIAL*** March Madness watch thread

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he took that to the bank brohans

The NCAA tourney is one of those funny things where you fill out your bracket but always root for the lower seed to win even if it disrupts your bracket. I love this weekend.

@SWC did it for him. 

How do they not call that foul on Suggs’ drive? They were up 4 and should have had two free throws. UCLA getting a ton of calls and I’m neutral in this game. 

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Zags offense is just awesome. 

Great movement and they all can get their own shots if needed. UCLA has to exert so much more effort for each and every bucket. Credit to them for being able to stick around.

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Just now, AAABatteries said:

I don’t think he called bank.

@SWC did it for him. 

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Imagine if that game was the final game.  

What a great game.

UCLA messed up not scoring on that 3 on 1.

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