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Josh Jacobs' Situation


So ... The Kenyan Drake bomb that has beed dropped on Josh Jacobs ... How bad is it? It's tough to say, what do you guys think? I'm thinking of making a "buy-low" move for him.

I am in a 12-man, full PPR, 1qb/2rb/2wr/1fx, dynasty league. (Note that my league tends to easily overvalue RB's versus the typical rankings and trade values that are published on an annual basis.)

Weak at QB: Tua, Goff, Mullens

I have Swift+Kerryon, but am otherwise weak at RB -- Moss+Singletary, Gaskin+Ahmed+Bowden

I have great WR's but a little on the prospect side: AJ Brown, Lamb, Godwin, DJ Moore, along with Curtis Samuel, Edelman, Gabriel Davis, Bryan Edwards.

Also have Hockenson.

I have 1.02 (rb), 1.06 (rb?), 1.08(wr?), 3.02.

I am having thoughts of offering the 1.06 or the 1.08 for Jacobs. If you were a Jacobs owner and received an offer of 1.06, would you be saying "Give me a break, the news is not THAT bad, I wasn't born yesterday", or spamming the 'accept' button instantly, or somewhere in between?

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As a Jacobs owner I would probably take the 1.06 for him but I am not a fan to begin with.  He was on the team I inherited and I have been trying to move him with no luck.   I might try and get you to toss in an upside play (Moss would do it for sure and maybe Gaskin if I just wanted to be done).

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If I were a Jacobs owner, I think I'd be looking for an add-in.  I'm not big on Jacobs (not really sure why), but I do recognize that Gruden runs his RB's into the ground and I don't see him all of a sudden changing that because they signed Drake.

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