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1.06 + Godwin for 1.11 + Miles Sanders


I have the 1.06, and the guy with the 1.11 told me he's be interested in trading his 11 up to the 6. (Based on his roster, he is certainly looking to draft a top WR, as his best options are varying degrees of questionable: Robby Anderson, Lockett, Ruggs, and Marvin Jones.) He has Sanders, Henry, and Ekeler at RB. I thought of offering him Godwin+1.06 for Sanders+1.11. [According to a lot of rankings and trade values, for what they're worth, Godwin may be about the same value as Sanders in the first place.] Or offering DJ Moore instead of Godwin, but I'm more hopeful about Moore lately.

12 team, PPR, dynasty, 1QB/2RB/2WR/1FX/K/D, and I have:

Goff, Tua

Swift, [1.02=Harris/Etienne tentatively], Gaskin, Moss+Singletary, +some flyer prospects

AJ Brown, Lamb, DJ Moore, Godwin, Curtis Samuel, +some flyer prospects


1.06, 1.08, 3.02 (along with the aforementioned 1.02).

With the 1.06, I'd expect to get either a "good not great" RB prospect, or Chase. With the 1.11 instead, I'd expect to get a top 4 WR among the rookies, or a flyer RB.

What do you think? Leave well enough alone? I'd like to have more faith in my RB room.


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