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32 Team Full IDP Salary Cap Devy Start Up- Filled!

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League Name:  32 Devy Farm

New start up dynasty league, hosted on MFL with its own dedicated Slack chat.

This league’s scoring, entire structure and settings are a mirror off of a proven league.

$127.50  annual fee -majority approval, held by Leaguesafe

This a full NFL mimicking contract league, with Tags, Contract restructuring etc.

Basic Starting Line ups:

10 Offensive Players

11 Defensive Players

Offense (10 starters)

1 QB

1 - 4 RB

2 - 5 WR

1 - 4 TE

IDP (11 Starters)

1- 2 DT

2- 3 DE

2- 4 LB

2- 4 CB

2- 4 S

There is a generous 10 player Taxi Squad

Each GM/ Tm can hold up to 4 Devy players:  Max 2 Offense Devy, and 2 IDP Devy

League site is here:



For settings, payouts and other details, Bylaws are here:


Start up will take place once , the league is filled, the date is set and everyone has paid.

It will initiate with a Veteran Auction, after the veteran auction, we will have the RC auction.  The team with the most remaining salary cap will get the 1.1 draft slots. (1.1, 2.1, 3.1 etc) , the team with the second most remaining cap the 1.2. 2.2, 3.2 etc.

So the RC draft will be NON snaking. 

During the RC auction GM’s will have the option of drafting a Devy player instead of a RC. (up to 4)

This will be a VERY active league. This would NOT be a league to try for your first foray into 32 team dynasty leagues. Tho we won’t turn away rookies to this format.

Current available team:






Questions or if you wish an invite,

Email:  Lenny at:   Lcashmoney23@yahoo.com




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