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Hoping for Patterson or Hawkins to the Falcons.  I don't get this.  I figured they would be one of the big players for a top-5 RB?


Mike Davis

Cordarrelle Patterson



What am I missing here?   Even if they're planning to bring back Gurley, this backfield seems to be in desperate need of some competition.

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1 hour ago, Unwrittenlaw said:

Is Javian Hawkins a Lindsay clone?

As a homer that's who I compared him to many months ago.  Atlanta is a really good spot for him to possibly stick.

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@TomPelissero: The #Vikings are signing former Memphis kicker Riley Patterson to a rookie free-agent deal that includes a $5,000 signing bonus and $15,000 base salary guarantee, per source. He'll get a chance to compete for the job.

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Titans added Tory Carter, the top FB in the nation ...since high school. He's a classic guy that I'm probably gonna love but he'll get like five carries per year.

Current FB Blasingame is a college RB converted to FB that wasn't that effective so Jonnu played FB. He played in the backfield and often shifted to the slot for downfield- blocking. He has hands but wasn't thrown to much.

TE Briley Moore looks good in highlights. Not otherworldly athleticism but fine hands and effort and lots of heh he's pretty good thoughts while watching. He's a willing blocker but he looks like so many TEs entering the NFL- ya just feel like they aren't playing til they put more weight and muscle on. 

Jonnu was exceptional at blocking downfield-, remember that ranking Pats RBs. It's such a huge value knowing the RB is getting an extra block (like a video game cheat) five yards or more downfield- that no other RB seems to get. 

As long as the new OC doesn't wreck the O, that's a role Firkser and Swaim can't do. One of these guys may. IF IF IF then Firkser isn't playing TE on first and second and maybe even lines up at #2 WR some. (On third down he's definitely the TE) Swaim would be the same blocking TE he was in 2020.

Their rookie T wasn't a need and has surprising legs, some even wondered if he's gonna earn his stripes in this role then be RT by midseason.

Do not sleep on the Titans wanting that extra block to free up Henry. It will mess you up ranking in FF if you do. 


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9 hours ago, Bri said:

Do not sleep on the Titans wanting that extra block to free up Henry. It will mess you up ranking in FF if you do. 

You don't have to convince me. Good post as usual.

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Spotrac has a table of signed UDFAs which you can sort by based on their contract. The ones that got at least $100K guaranteed are:

TE Sammie Reyes WAS (signed pre-draft)
TE Kenny Yeboah NYJ
DT Marvin Wilson CLE
CB Isaiah Dunn NYJ
WR Tim Jones JAC
QB Shane Buechele KC
DT Josiah Bronson NO
TE Matt Bushman LV
WR Brandon Smith DAL
T Robert Jones MIA
LT Elijah Sullivan SF
LB Justin Hilliard SF
DE Malik Herring KC
C Ryan McCollum HOU
G David Moore CAR
WR Dillon Stoner LV
TE Dylan Soehner NO
T Adrian Ealy BAL
WR Blake Proehl MIN
S Ar'Darius Washington BAL
WR Javon McKinley DET

Looks good for Kenny Yeboah, who got $200K guaranteed from a team with a hole at TE whose last pick was 207.

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