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Would You Rather? (Rookie Dynasty PPR WR Edition) (Post NFL Draft)

Which Dynasty Rookie WR would you rather have (PPR)?  

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Voted Toney, Rodgers, Collins, and Eskridge

Toney over Moore is a bet on situation. I like both Davis and Mims quite a bit, where other than Golladay, I'm not sure Toney's competition extends beyond this season.

Rodgers and St.Brown are about equal to me. I'll go with the one who might get to play with Aaron Rodgers. 

I think Brown is a better WR than Collins, but McLaurin and Samuel aren't going anywhere. Collins has a pretty easy long term path to WR2, and could possibly play with Watson at some point. 

Eskridge is a bet on draft capital. I hated that pick, and think Palmer is a better player. But Seattle marches to their own drum as much or more than anyone, so I feel like they have a plan for Eskridge. Palmer is in a pretty crowded group, and is probably a career #3. 

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I went the opposite on all these except Rodgers

1. Don’t forget that Giants have a real TE in Engram over Herndon and Barkley will get his share also. Crowder with 10 million will be gone while Giants still have Shepherd and Slayton. Add in that Golloday is an alpha WR while Davis/Mims are more #2 types. I also like rookie QB learning with rookie WR

2. agree close but could see Sr. Brown as less competition for targets by far. Both seem replaceable but voted Rodgers because of Aaron. Goff is an underrated QB though

3. Brown might be better WR on draft capital but Collins in perfect situation to succeed now. If Washington falls out of the race at all, you will see Allen or Heineke and the gun slinging mentality of Fitzpatrick will be gone. While Houston QB are nothing to write home about if Watson gone, they will be picking up garbage yards as my favorite to have pick 1 next year. That will be new QB, one way or another. I doubt Collins ever has time with Watson.  So big opportunity for Collins to succeed before being a replaceable part like the guys at #2 both are by new draft capital

4. I am the opposite on opportunity plus size does matter to me. Eskridge will put up David Moore type numbers only. Lockett and metcalf looked down contact wise for a while. Palmer could be #3 with Chargers in a hurry and they spread ball around more. With Williams gone after this year and Keenan getting up in age, Palmer has a chance. With the measurables, I think he could easily be the best out of these 8 guys. Plus easily with best long term QB in tow. 


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