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Hi - Can you explain the movie 'Tenet' to me like i'm 4 years old?

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14 hours ago, AAABatteries said:

It broke my brain.  I admit I was fairly lost with the reverse time stuff.  At a very high level the concept made sense but how it played out just messed with my head.  I was entertained enough - it was probably a little too long but I didn't hate it nearly as much as most in here.  Thing is - it's a difficult watch.  Typically these types of movies are shut your mind off and enjoy.  You had to really think about what was going on to only be partially lost.  For that reason I'm not sure it's a movie with a lot of re-watchability.  I'm not sure I would get things any better on re-watchs.

I don’t like mindless movies, including nearly the entire comic book/superhero genre. But I didn’t find Tenet thought provoking, just contrived to showcase the backwards special effects.


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I’ve loved all of Nolan’s prior films. Inception was probably one of my all time favorite movie experiences. I liked the concept and the plot of Tenet well enough, but it was just a tick too high in the “confusing” and “hard to follow” category for me.  

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For failing to fix his New York City tenement, slumlord Louie Kritski (Joe Pesci) is sentenced to live in one of his units. If repairs aren't completed in 120 days, he'll go to jail. As Louie confronts the decrepit conditions in which his tenants live -- from giant rats to nights without heat -- he begins to have a change of heart. But avoiding jail time will mean convincing his money-grubbing father, the building's true owner, to invest money for repairs.

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On 6/3/2021 at 5:39 PM, Pigskin Fanatic said:

problem with the plot is, among all the other linear logical issues not addressed at all in the movie, do the people who are going backwards in time age normally?

love Nolan, but this one missed the mark in a big way i think.

In Doctor Who, River Song lives her life in reverse of everyone else.  Her first meeting with the Doctor is his last and proceeds back in time to where her last meeting with him is his first meeting with her.

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On 6/3/2021 at 5:38 PM, El Floppo said:

It's Memento, but in reverse. Or inside out. Or middle out.

I hated Memento! I almost divorced my wife for making watch that movie. We had a new born when it came out on DVD, otherwise I was out!

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