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BTSW (RIP) Summer of Love League....sign up thread

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details to be worked out later.......start Monday after Fathers Day......non survivor.....format suggestions accepted.....weird number of teams up to 16 max ok....but 16 max.....


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If you need a 16th (or whatever #), I'm your guy. If you have enough interested, I'll willingly cede that last spot to whoever the first 'extra' is.

SR, I'm only offering up this idea for altruistic purposes, but I'd love to harness the collective acumen of these Leagues to run a series of mock drafts through the summer based on FPC/FFPC Rules and Scoring (12 Team League)...I've been pondering this for a while...the thing is, if it involves people who actually play in the FPC/FFPC, there exists the understandable human nature for folks to not play all their cards as they'd play them IRL. That's not exactly helpful, you know?

I wonder if that's something that could have legs in this Forum. I respect the hell out of the crew here, from an acumen standpoint, and this is a very important year for me to maximize in the FPC, as I have 9 free Teams I have to use, and I may not have an opportunity like this again. Time is coming when I'm going to be registering for Leagues, with Draft Position to follow as they fill. Based on years of experience in the FPC format, the level of competition in those Leagues won't nearly be as tough - I've probably participated in 50+ real drafts and there have never been more than 5 other acumen-rich drafters involved at any one time. Going up against 11 of this group with no motives other than a genuine desire to 'win' the draft would be a tremendous preparatory exercise, for sure.

Apologies for the hijack, but interested in your thoughts?

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Would really like to see our IBL brethren join in on this memorial draft league for @by_the_sea_wannabe. I miss him and particularly his drafting acumen and commentary.


@renesauz @Crippler @Aaron Rudnicki @Sweet Love @Ruffrodys05 @Clash of the Titans how about a tune up and some conversation to prepare for the IBLs coming up sooner that expected.

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BTSW is a great dude and is sincerely missed. I'm honored to have participated in many mock drafts here on FBG with him & doubly honored to have been teammates in the IBL league many years. 

I've no preference what format the league is. My only suggestion would be to switch the format annually. Just have fun with it changing it up every year.



Caveat - my summer schedule is really messed up right now with curveballs seemingly coming out of nowhere, personally & professionally....there might be a round or two where I won't be as timely as might be expected otherwise. 

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I work that Monday so would have to pass on a live draft, but a slow online draft......in

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