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Antonio Gibson



12 team, PPR, 1QB/2RB/2WR/1FX.

Hurts, Tua

Swift, Mixon, Moss/Singletary +others

AJ Brown, Lamb, Godwin, DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel +others


1.07, 2.03, 4.02 (also have 3 extra 2022 2nd rounders)

I really like Antonio Gibson, he was "my guy" all offseason going into our rookie draft last year, but I ended up torn between Moss and Gibson when my pick came up, and went with Moss instead. And his first season made him look better and better. I feel like he could be one of few 3 down backs out there and being a receiver in college could absolutely tear it up in PPR. I offered the 1.07 and my 2022 1st for him, turned it down. Then the turf toe report came out, doesn't concern me a whole lot, so I actually doubled down and offered the 1.07, my 2022 1st and 2nd, but owner didn't budge. Owner has not commented about Gibson, so I don't know what it would take to get him. If I asked him to make me an offer, I'm sure it would involve Mixon, Swift, or AJ Brown, and those are just not guys that I am willing to part with right now. I guess I would say I'm more than willing to overpay. But how much could I offer without being just plain idiotic? While he surely could become elite, I'm sure it's also true that I'm being irrational due to the fact that I was so interested yet missed out on him. Where is the line between being irrationally hung up on a guy, and just really stupid?

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You have offered 2 1st and a 2nd and the owner hasnt budged at this point I would stop as your getting into the zone of giving up to much. Especially when you consider Godwin, Moore, or Samuel are your flex play. I completely understand having a guy you want as I have over paid for that players and im yet to be sure if those trades have worked out for me for the better. As far as giving up to much if this owner trades Gibson what does he have left for running backs as he may not trade him at all if he is going to be left short at the position. If you really want a 3rd running back your best option is going to be to find a team with no WR depth to include some of yours in the trade.

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