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Finish last in your league? Suffer the Waffle House treatment ...

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'Full of waffles but devoid of life:' Fantasy football loser punished with 15 hours in Waffle House (Yahoo Sports)



Fantasy football isn't real (hence the name), but it can have real life consequences. Lee Sanderlin knows first-hand about the pain that can come from a last-place fantasy football finish. 

Sanderlin, a journalist for the Clarion Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi, finished last in his 2020 fantasy football league. His punishment? Spend 24 hours in a Waffle House, with one hour subtracted for each waffle he could eat. 

He ended up eating nine waffles and spent 15 hours in a Waffle House, and we know this because he tweeted through the entire ordeal. 


Not sure if this goes better in the Shark Pool or FFA. Could also spark some posts here about some of the more creative last-place punishments different leagues implement.


Reading the original story, I couldn't help thinking "Joey Chestnut finishes last in this league, he probably spends about 20 minutes in the Waffle House."

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4 hours ago, Doug B said:

"Sir, may I take your order?"

"23 waffles and two pitchers of water, please." :X

I think he blew it. He tried to dive in & chow as many as possible quickly. 

Shoulda paced himself. A waffle every 30 mins or so. By the time he pooped out the 1st one, he’d have room for more. 

Also he said there was no penalty for a “reversal”. So he coulda gone to the head, stuck his finger down his throat & come back for 5 more. 

He went about it all wrong. 

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22 hours ago, matuski said:

I'd be out of ther ein 1-2 hours easy.

eta - of course ive never finished last in aleague in my life so I wouldnt need to bother.

I find both of these statements somewhat questionable. 🤔 

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1 hour ago, matuski said:

I would imagine finishing last would take more effort than the waffles.

Honestly I’ve seen people try that hard in dynasty, so I’d be 100% in favor of a punishment for tanking. Make em really earn that 1.01

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