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Who should I keep??

Los Osos


Hey all


Starting a new thread here for all as we start to mock draft in preparation for the season


I play in a 10 team half ppr keeper league.

1qb 2 rb 3 wr 1 w/r/t 

Can keep 3 players max so hoping to get some advice. Here are the keepers so far and the guys I’m considering with the round they will cost next to their name 


Keeping Lamb (9) Gaskin (10)


so my question is should I keep 


Ridley (3)

K Murray (4)

D Prescott (8)

M Davis (11)


thanks all  good luck this season 


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With that few keepers I just keep the best players as it is more like a re-draft so having the best player is better than the best deal.  If two players are equal I will use round lost as a tie break.  


The one thing that may change that is if you can keep a guy forever at that round cost or if there is a limit to how long you can keep them.  Any limits or increasing round cost the longer you keep a guy?


I would keep Ridley, Lamb, and Prescott.  I would have Davis over Gaskin if you don't want to keep a QB.  

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So why are you not keeping ridley even with a 3rd round value he should be your #1 player kept. You also need to do a mock of what other teams may be keeping as in keeper I have found its more about who everyone is keeping than round value. I would personaly look to keep Ridley, possible dak or Murray, than either gaskin or davis.

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Thanks guys.  Would love more doscussion



Ridley is a no brainer now since 1 guy has the ability to keep diggs AJ brown and mclaurin.   It’s a 1 an league so thinking I can still get Murray or dak via the draft rather than spend a keeper    This league historically drafts heavy rb in the first 3 rounds so wanting to get. 2 solid RBs.  Gaskin gives me depth or flex and variance between qb is not as large a gap between Murray and dak in the end 

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