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Trade for Ridley?



Standard 10 team PPR, except 6/pass TD. Roster

Trading Diggs for Ridley. I would get Ridley. - honestly it seems like a slight downgrade when I look at the numbers behind them.

I would much rather like to trade Diontae Johnson for Ridley. I think that would turn out to be an upgrade for sure. I don't think the gm would go for it tho. Maybe if I offered Golladay as well? Harris?

FWIW, I did ask him if he was interested in any of my players, he said no. I asked him if he felt like moving Ridley, and he said 'don't think so'. I also take him to be rather tight lipped, so I am guessing that might not be his true feelings. Who knows.

What do you think?


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All you can do is make an offer but it doesn't seem like the guy is very receptive.  I definitely would not trade Diggs for Ridley and I may not even do Johnson.  I don't have faith in Ridley this year.  But if you do then I see no problem floating Johnson for Ridley and see what the guy says.  

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