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Tee Higgins and Courtland Sutton for Calvin Ridley? - PPR



Would you trade both Tee Higgins and Courtland Sutton for Calvin Ridley?

Ridley has been kind a disappointing but he has not competition for targets.  Higgins is sharing targets with 2 talented receivers and Jeudy is coming back to take targets from Sutton.'

Which side are you on?

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I'd say it depends on your roster construction and lineup rules.. Ridley has clear upside and is past his bye. He hasn't really "broken out" yet but had double digit targets all but week 1. I would think the more PPR and needing top end your team/league situation are he's the better ROS asset.

The worrying thing about Ridley (having watched his last game) is that a couple of his long targets were underthrown/DPI balls. So converting air yards to points would require him to start actually fighting through the contact and catching the ball. They also have better options in the RZ. Hurst/Patterson/Davis and even Pitts will all be getting pieces of the TD pie. 

If you need depth and TDs, I think that Tee and Sutton are worth riding with. I mean you would know having them on your roster, Tee's lost way more market share to Chase than anyone expected and they're not throwing nearly as much as people thought they would. If teams start doubling Chase and Burrow starts airing it out, he could see a mini-resurgence. Plus he's a big target. Sutton will probably also keep his deep and RZ appeal even if he loses target % to Jeudy. 

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