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Start Who? Cooper-Woods-Sanders-Higgins



OK, can't decide.  I play in a non-PPR league.  I need to play 2 of these guys. 

A Cooper - DAL vs MIN.  hasn't been all that lately but this could be a shootout to keep up with MIN.  Then again, Gallup is back and they spread the ball around.  Instead of where is Waldo I feel like it should be where is Amari.

R Woods - LAR vs HOU.  Woods is missing in action behind Cupp.  And HOU isn't really that bad against the pass.  Looks like LAR will run all over HOU.  And, maybe a version of where is RWoods.

E Sanders - BUF vs MIA.  I got to say Sanders who I got free as a FA has turned into a legit #2 WR in a 12 team league.  And MIA is total suckage against passing teams.  I am leaning towards starting him.

Higgins - CIN vs NYJ.  I like the talent.  Higgins is a real deal star.  But he is #2 to Chase.  And NYJ seem to be OK covering WRs. 

Oh and one more.

Toney - NYG vs KC.  I don't know if his ankle is OK and how this game script is going to go.  If I had to bet KC comes out firing and lights up the scoreboard.  NYG will have to try and keep pace and Toney is an explosive player.  But...... still not sure he will play or if he is in Jones vision. 


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Thanks.  I am finding it hard to ignore Sanders.  I mean yeah I guess Toney needs to prove himself with a complete game.  But of those WRs in my system they are ranked 19, 21, 25, 53, 64.  And who is who might shock you.

Sanders - 19   66 points.  Worse game since week 3 is 8.1 with 2 break out games lately

Woods - 21      Clearly WR2 in that offense and maybe behind Higbey in the red zone to boot.

Cooper - 25     61.3 total points, 25.9 opening day, average 7.08 per game since

Higgins - 53    Good talent and liking the uptick. 

Toney - 64

I think I have to start Sanders against that terrible MIA coverage.  I have Cooper also in there assuming Dak will play.  Might change that if he sits and play Higgins.


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